Comparison between Local Furniture and CRIO Furniture

Furniture plays an important role in our homes. It is one of the major aspects of space and realizing the functionality of space by adding its importance in your home.

Furniture fills a space full of memories and a full importance of love with an emotion attachment in your home. It helps you to complete your dream home and helps you to make your space more valuable.

Everyone wants to purchase best quality, durable and affordable furniture for their home which makes their home beautiful.

There are hundrrd of furniture brands in the markets and customers can easily confuse to select which brand is best to make their choice of purchase.

CRIO Furniture is a Central India’s Leading Furniture Brand, Furniture manufacturer and well known for the flawless quality in furniture systems. We are Supreme Quality Manufacturers, Distributor & Wholesaler of Modular Furniture.

Here is the comparison between Local Furniture and CRIO Furniture are as follows,

Local FurnitureCRIO Furniture
Product Quality is less.Product Quality is more.
50% customers will not agree to buy easily.Customers will purchase this furniture.
Sales person need to explain so much about the furniture to the customer.Sales person can easily convince the customer to purchase the product.
The customer will bargain about this furniture and it will only be sold in the presence of you.The customer will not bargain about this furniture due to quality even sales executive will sell this furniture.
You need to provide after services and 80% customers will not satisfy.You need to provide after service rarely and customer will satisfy.
The customer will not feel the importance of this furniture due to copy product design.The customer will feel the importance of this furniture due to quality and design of product.
This furniture needs to sell cheap due to cheap margins.This furniture is quite affordable as market price and gives good margin.
Customer will not purchase this furniture second time due to the poor quality and less value for money.The customer will purchase second time due to the quality and value for money and will promote to others too.
Less color combinations and can easily found in local shops and markets.Latest color combinations and can only found in 1-2 exclusive dealers in your city.
The material quality and durability are poor, cheap and local.The quality of material is A1 grade and premium.
The quality of material will destroy time-by-time.The quality of material is consistent as made by German machinery.
This furniture will make dead stock in your showroom and has limited range.This furniture has full range with customer study and occurs no dead stock.
Your showroom will count as local seller by selling local furniture.Your showroom will count as branded seller by selling CRIO furniture.
The material is harmful for human body as made up of E2, E3 grade quality.The material is made up of E1 grade board and safe for human and environmentally friendly.
The ranges of this furniture are nonstandard.The ranges of this furniture are standard with R&D.
Occurs your wastage of time.The smart way of value and building business.
Local furniture makes “disturbance of mind business”.CRIO Furniture makes “peace of mind business”.

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