20 Questions you need to ask Before Buying Furniture

When you are buying new furniture, you have many questions in mind related to its quality, design, life, warranty, cost, service and much more. You need to make sure before choosing the right furniture brand that fits your needs and budget and gives you the best quality and value your space.

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Here are some of the most important questions you should ask before buying furniture:

  1. How will this furniture fit into my home?
  2. What type of material is this furniture made from?
  3. What are the color options are available for this furniture?
  4. Are there any customization options are available for this furniture?
  5. What is the intended use of the furniture? Will it be used for sleeping, storage, or decoration?
  6. Will this furniture value for my space and beneficial for my storage space?
  7. How many years of warranties this furniture have?
  8. Is this furniture eco-friendly for our family and kids?
  9. What is the budget for this furniture purchase? Is it worth it to buy this furniture?
  10. What is the delivery and assembly process for the furniture?
  11. What is the size of the room where the furniture will be placed?
  12. What is the maintenance and care required for this furniture?
  13. What is the style of the existing decor in the room?
  14. Do you have similar products available in this category and price range?
  15. What about delivery if we live in another city or far from the location?
  16. Any customization options are available if we need to customize as per our requirements?
  17. How many days it takes to receive my furniture at my home after I order the purchase?
  18. Why to choose your brand rather than buying another or local brand from the market?
  19. What are the hardware accessories you use in your furniture?
  20. After buying your furniture, what kind of after services and maintenance will you provide to the customers?  

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