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Inspiration Bedroom Set


Inspiration Wardrobe Set includes Inspiration King Bed, Polo Wardrobe Set, Jack Bed Side Table and Merry Dressing

Inspiration Wardrobe Set

Product Dimensions:

Inspiration King Bed | 72x78x47 = 392000/-

Polo Wardrobe Set | 80x20x96 = 69900/-

Jack Bed Side Table | 16x16x16 = 4750/-

Merry Dressing | 36x16x72 = 14300/-

Color: Cloud Gray + Mountain Oak 

Country of Origin: India

Warranty: Warranty for 12 months periods against manufacturing defects.

Net Quantity: 1 N

Our Quality Policy:

  • 35% more life and eco safe imported E1 quality motherboard.
  • Exclusive Imported Color give your home premium look.
  • Better creative design more elegant look and finish.
  • 46% Highly Durable Hardware accessories.
  • High security brass lock securing your valuables.
  • Making product with high skill on high quality machine with perfect hardware gives our product seamless finish.


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